Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?


Please fill in the contact form. On or after the registration date you will receive an offer letter with course- and payment details, enrollment form and Terms and Conditions. To secure your place on the course you need to return the completed and signed forms and transfer the course fees to the Deutsch Centre accounts.


I would like to take private tuition. How do I go about it?


Private Tuition is purchased in a block of 10x60min face to face sessions for £290. You are free to arrange each class with the tutor as it suits you. Before you sign up, we would have a phone or skype consultation about your current level, expectations and requirements.

To express your interest in private tuition, please send off the form on the contact us page.


Were does private tuition take place?


Your classes could either take place in our classroom at Methodist Central Hall (subject to availability), at your own premises, or at a coffee shop/public place, which you chose. We can recommend the Central Library for that. For any arrangement ourtside of Manchester City Centre we would charge a small fee for transport.


How much do the group classes cost?


We offer group classes of two different lengths. The Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 class run for 10 weeks, with one 90min session per week and costs £160. All classes at higher levels run for 15 weeks, with one 90min session per week and cost £240.


What is included in the tuition fee?


You will receive your own course book/work book with audio CD (only group classes). As an enrolled student, you can also participate in the Skype Tandem Programme, which runs between the Deutsch Centre Manchester and the community college of our German twin town Chemnitz. Additionally you can join our Freitagsklub sessions for the concessionary price of £1.50 per session.


Where can I find the timetable?


You can find all class information here.


I have missed the intake of this term, when does the next course start.


We start classes in January, May and September. The timetable is usually published on the website roughly six-eight weeks ahead of the course start. If you would like to make sure that you don't miss it, please sign up for our newsletter.


What times do the classes take place?


Currently most of our classes take place in the evenings between 6pm and 9pm. We have started offering some daytime classes as well and will expand the offer on these over the coming terms. For details on next term's class times, please see our timetable.


Which class is the right one for me?


If you are not sure what your current level is, please take this online placement test. Additionally you can find information on all our course levels here.


Do you offer classes for children?


Currently we only teach adult classes. However, we plan to introduce an after-school-club for primary school children from October 2017. If you would like to keep informed about this, please join our mailing list.


What does level 'A1.1' mean?


Our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe.


Is it possible to pay the course fees in instalments?


The course fees need to be paid in full by the date stated in your offer letter.


Do you offer intensive courses/daytime classes/Business German or other themed courses?


We offer our courses based on demand. Minimum number of participants is 4. If you are inerested in a special course, which is currenly not on our timetable, please get in touch and we'll organise the course once enough people have expressed their interest.


Do I get a certificate of completion at the end?


Yes, you will receive a certificate stating that you have participated in the course.


Is it possible to get an official qualification that I need for visa purposes or to apply at a German university?


We can prepare you for an official Goethe-Institute Test, which you can then take as an external candidate at the University of Manchester Language Centre

Exam preparation is offered in the form of private tuition.


How many students are there in a class?


The minimum number of students for a class to take place are four. There will never be more than 10 students in your class.


What happens if I miss a session?

If you can't make it to a class, please send an email to your teacher (or to the centre if it's the first session). Your teacher will then send you the topics covered in class and tell you which tasks to work through in the book. If you have any questions about this homework, your teacher will assist you via email.


I have started a German class and noticed that the level is too easy/too difficult for me. What should I do?


Please get in touch with your teacher immediately. If there are spaces available in a class with a more suitable level, we will arrange for you to switch classes. If not, we will work out a solution together, which suits you.


How much homework are students expected to do?


Language learning is most effective, if you work on it for a few minutes every day. The teachers will encourage you to practice in your own time and give tasks as homework, on average 20-30min per week.


I want to learn Dutch. Can you help me with that?


Although Dutch and German are closely related, they are different languages. We only teach German at the Deutsch Centre.


I want to learn Swiss German. Can you help me with that?


In our group classes we teach standard German, which is spoken and understood in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you want to study any particular dialect/sublanguage please get in touch and we try to arrange a private tutor for you.


Can I pay by credit/debit card?


Currently our only payment option is via bank transfer.


I have contacted you last week, but still have no reply from you?


We aim to reply to your enquiry within two working days. Please also check your spam folder for an email from us. If you have not heard back from us after three days, please send an email directly to antje (at)

I have discovered that my employers will pay for the course. Can you send a confirmation/receipt to my employer?


No problem. Just get in touch.