Skype - Language Tandem Chemnitz – Manchester


A language tandem is a great oppurtunity to apply and amplify your skills in a foreign language. Get to know a German native learner of the English language and practice each other's language in a casual setting.

The Deutsch Centre Manchester, the Chemnitz Community College (Volkshochschule Chemnitz) and the Department for Town Twinning at the Chemnitz City Council conduct a model project in tandem learning via Skype in Spring 2017.

The tandem partners are assigned based on a questionnaire about your hobbies, interests, and your previous journey in learning German. After an introductory meeting of all the Manchester participants in the project, were you learn about the implementation of a language tandem and about using skype for this purpose, you and your tandem partner will independently hold regular sessions.


This project will run from beginning of April to end of June 2017. Participation is free of charge. The project is suitable for learners of level Elementary 1 and above.


For questions and to sign up, please contact Antje Timmermann, Principal of the Deutsch Centre Manchester

(email: antje (at)